Updating to the latest version

Manually updating

Manually updating to the latest w3af version is trivial:

cd w3af/
git pull


After an update, w3af might require new dependencies.

Auto-update feature

The framework includes an auto-update feature. This feature allows you to run our latest Git version without worrying about executing the git pull command. You can configure your local w3af instance to update itself for you once a day, weekly or monthly.

The auto-update feature is enabled by default and its configuration can be changed using the ~/.w3af/startup.conf file. The file is generated after the first run.

last-update = 2013-01-24
frequency = D
auto-update = true

The feature can be completely disabled by setting the auto-update section to false; and the update frequency has D, W and M (daily, weekly and monthly) as valid values.

It is also possible to force the update to take place, or not, by simply giving the w3af_console or w3af_gui scripts the desired option: --force-update or --no-update.



This section is only interesting for advanced users.

We use git flow to manage our development process, this means that you’ll find the latest stable code at master, a development version at develop and experiments and unstable code in feature branches. I encourage advanced users to experiment with the code at develop and feature branches and report bugs, it helps us advance our development and get real testers while we don’t disturb other users that require stable releases.

git clone git@github.com:andresriancho/w3af.git
cd w3af/
git checkout develop
git branch